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Unfortunately. And sadly……..at this time I can no longer paint.
I have funds just enough to survive. Painting will have to wait until some miracle happens and life decides to be less hard on me.

my studio :)
Finished 12 th August 2009
** SOLD **
Click on the photo for a larger view
2 Zebras
18 x 24
`` YAWN ``
Matt Varnished, sides painted.

30 x 40 inches on a 2 inch thick Canvas.
Matt varnished
Painting continued on all the sides
Ready to hang.

1200.00 $

Finished '' Roi de la Savanne ''
48 x 72 inches
Merci to Monique  ( Rose Ange ) for the Title ........!!!
This is a very different style that I usually do.
Very simple.....basic stokes
 16 x 20 Inches
`` African Dogs ``
Matt Varnished
Painted on all sides on a 2 inch thick Canvas.
Ready to hang.

500.00 $

finished painting
* sorry sold*
* click on photo for larger view *